Hello! My name is Olga González and I am the owner and founder of Perfect Balance Acupuntura in Denia. 

I am a Licensed Medical Acupuncturist having graduated from the CMATCM (College of Medical Acupuncture & Traditional Chinese Medicine). In short, these are my professional qualifications: 

My Wellness Journey...

The start

One of the most common questions I get from new clients is “Why Chinese Medicine?”

The truth is I didn’t know much about Chinese Medicine. I was aware of acupuncture before from a very early age as my mum had some acupuncture sessions to help her lose some weight,  but as an adult I had no experience of this wonderful medicine until I decided to become a mum.

I was nearly 37 and 18 months married when my husband and I found out that becoming parents wouldn’t be so straight forward. IVF seemed to be the only option so we did our research and found a good clinic in Poland where our 1st baby was conceived.

However, even though we had to go down the line of IVF, Acupuncture played a major role in my journey. I had my 1st session 3 months before the treatment with a wonderful acupuncturist in Ireland, where we lived back then, and I still remember how I felt after my acupuncture treatment: more relaxed, calmer, and with a sense of energy flowing through my body… 

I felt intrigued and wanted to know how it all worked. I used to question my acupuncturist during every session and it was him who encouraged me to study and learn this ancient medicine.

So after two years of being a patient of acupuncture I also became a student of acupuncture, knowing after the first semester I had found my calling, and I have not looked back since.

Experiencing the results

5 years after my first acupuncture session, not only do I have a new career, but also two beautiful children. My 2nd baby was naturally conceived against all the odds and thanks to the support of acupuncture treatments and lifestyle changes.

The reason I specialize in woman’s health and emotional health is that I understand and have experienced exactly how Chinese Medicine has the potential to transform lives.

Opening my clinic

At PB Acupuntura I know that every person who walks through my door is unique. That’s why I want to know the details of your health so I can formulate a customized treatment plan and choose appropriate therapies that benefit your unique situation.

My goal is always to restore balance in ALL areas of the body. I can help correct imbalances that have already become illness and pain, or to maintain health prior to the appearance of symptons to help prevent disease development.

In Western medical terms acupuncture is said to have effects on the body such as regulating hormones, releasing endorphins, and reducing inflammation locally and systemically. While a single acupuncture session can provide relief, long term results are cumulative and multiple visits are recommended.